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Software Required: SAS, Version 9.3
Where to get it: Software on physical CDs:
UT Computer Store
University Center
(865) 974-2930

Software download
Computer requirements: See installation instructions below.
SAS components needed: See installation instructions below.
How to check that SAS 9.3 is installed on your PC: In the SAS Log file: SAS 9.3 (TS1M0)
Help -> About SAS 9: SAS 9.3 TS Level 1M0
SAS training SAS
Online Tutor: Basic and Intermediate SAS

SAS Version 9.3

Documentation for SAS is available in both HTML format and PDF format on the SAS web site.

In order to view and print the PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free from Adobe.

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